Course Suitability

Experience level required: Beginner, intermediate and advanced learners accepted

Qualification gained: Accredited certification scheme (ACS)

Course length: 12-18 months. There are no such thing as fast track courses in gas. If you’ve been quoted less than 12 months, report it to gas safe!

What is ACS?

The Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) is the industry recognised and accepted route for operatives to gain a certificate of competence, needed to become a member of the Gas Safe Register


Step one: Classroom based training at our centre.

Time frame: 5 months (Part time)

Our operating hours for our centre based learning is Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm


Step two: Portfolio

Realistic time frame – 6 months to complete.

Portfolio building is our speciality. We guarantee your portfolio will be completed and this doesn’t mean we give you a mobile number for a gas engineer 100 miles away and leave you to it. We are passionate about providing top quality training and the portfolio is a large part of it. 


Step 3: Final ACS assessment 

Time frame: 5 days

Your ACS assessment is completed at the centre where you originally came to train. You will take theoretical and practical exams in the following subjects

CCN1 and CPA1 – Core gas safety and flue gas analysing

CKR1 – Cookers

CENWAT – Central heating and boilers

HTR1 – Fires


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