“Just wanted to say a great big thank you to you both for training me up and
achieving my ACS . People think I have gone a bit daft cause I can’t stop
smiling, my face is aching  , seriously  .
Kindest regards Steve the Gas man” – Steve (Oldham) 


 I am a happy man and feeling lucky to have passed my ACS.
Tomkat is the best place to train and Derek is always so kind and helpful to me.
All the staff  are helpful and treat you like family. Thank u all thanks Tomkat”
– Asad (Manchester)



“Tom-Kat Gas Training has been a major part in my gas training and continued support.
Without Tom-Kat I can honestly say I would have struggled completing my gas portfolio.
I was able to undertake training and knowledge from experienced Gas Engineers whilst at the same time completing many jobs that were required for my accreditation. 
The company states that you will get continued support after qualifying and I can honestly say you will not get better ongoing support.
When I was a newly qualified Gas Engineer and on my own it was (and still is) superb to get advice or just a knowledgeable third party to bounce my thoughts off when you run out of your own knowledge or just to confirm you are on the correct track. I would highly recommend this company for both training and support they have been worth there weight in gold” – Warren (The Wirral)




 “I would rate derek all day long as i trained with a company called BTSC who went bankrupt half way through my training.
Derek used to be a trainer there and thats how i got to know him, then he opened his own training school tomkat which helped many of us who were just abandoned and ripped off as we never got our money back.
Without derek or tomkat many of us would have not become gas safe today. I think i speak for all of us when i say this; we are grateful to derek for starting tomkat and getting us all qualified.
His teaching is also really good i have found if anyone is stuck in the classroom or on site he will take his time to explain things over and over again until we understand it. The service that tomkat provide is not just up until you get qualified its an ongoing thing were if you ever need help derek is just a phone call away. Ive started my own buisness and he has helped me a lot in many ways and he will do the same for you. I found it to be a lot better than going to college to become gas safe. Your not just thrown into the gas field once you qualify all the help you need is there whereas my mates who have qualified don’t feel you get that from a college”
 Amir (Liverpool)




“I live outside the greater Manchester area and found out about Tomkat to which I signed up to become a gas engineer .
The quality of information and help all the way through the course was exceptional and I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Tomkat.
I have recently been reassessed on my gas and will continue to travel to do any further courses or water regs unvented etc plus I will be sending my apprentice when his time is due to carry out his gas assessments”
Nick (Middlesbrough)
Above & beyond
d p.h.e




“To Derek and all at Tomkat, Thanks for getting me off to the best possible start, spending your time training me was much appreciated.
I feel very fortunate to have been able to do the gas training with Tomkat.
It has been a privilege and has given me a real advantage. And it was fun along the way!”
Phil – Red Rose plumbing



“Dear TomKat Gas Training,
I extend my thanks and appreciation for helping me successfully complete my ACS assessment. 
I felt that the facilities and the service provided are absolutely fantastic, which in turn played a big part in allowing me to complete my training. 
Not only was I impressed with the centre as a whole but I found Derek’s level of teaching to be outstanding!
His ability to convey detailed information in a way that was clear and concise made the experience both enjoyable and educational. 
Derek’s vast wealth of knowledge in a profession which he has been involved in for many years is absolutely invaluable.
In my opinion choosing Tomkat for my gas training was the best decision I made for advancing my education and career within the gas industry. 
I am looking forward to in the future enrolling on more training with TomKat.
Many Thanks, Gary” (Oldham)
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